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Garden aprons and tool belts help me keep it together!

I don’t go out to the garden empty handed…ever! At the very least I’ve got a bottle of water, cell phone (so I can take quick garden photos) and pruners.  More often than not I’ve got garden tape, clips of some sort and a paper and pen as well.  Sure, I could keep a lot of those things in a tool box, but I want them on my person so I can just grab them and use them when the need presents itself.

So, how do I manage all this stuff?

Garden Aprons and Tool beltsI like to wear some kind of adjustable gardening apron or tool belt – something that isn’t binding or cumbersome.   This needs to have lots of pockets – at least one wide and deep enough for a bottle of water and one shorter so I don’t have to go digging around for my phone.  Then there are more pockets for gloves or my notepad – whatever I need to get your garden work done.  Some aprons also have clips which are really handy for holding scissors or other tools.   Garden aprons can be pretty and cute or strictly utilitarian in appearance.  As long as it does the job, I’m not too concerned with what it looks like.

I have several aprons/tool belts but I can’t say I ever bought one for myself.  No reason, really…I do think they’re brilliant and that every gardener would love to have at least one.  So go ahead and buy an apron for the holidays – your gardener will love you for it!

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