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Remember when all canning jars looked pretty much the same?  There were Ball and there were Kerr and that was about it.  Well, times have changed!

Have you noticed all of the really cool looking canning jars available in the cookware stores?  Weck Jars, available at cookware shops come in some very unique sizes and shapes. No matter what you’re preserving and in what quantity, there is a Weck Jar for you.  These jars have rubber seals that are kept tight with metal clips.  I’ve also seen Bormioli Rocco Fido Canning Jars locally.  They come in a variety of sizes and also have rubber seals.  These jars have one clamp for closure rather than the three clips that Weck jars have.

A quick Google search comes up with pages of online ordering options for your canning needs.  There are square jars and hexagons, minis and extra large.  Sure, you can still get the round, glass jars with metal lids and rings. But, why not have some fun and make the packaging as delicious as what’s inside?

Speaking of what’s inside…Read my recent blog post about my favorite tomato for making sauce and canning.  My Favorite Sauce Tomato.

Tomato Sauce in Jars

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