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Gardener’s Holiday Wish List Day 4 – Garden Aprons and Tool Belts

Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Garden aprons and tool belts help me keep it together!

I don’t go out to the garden empty handed…ever! At the very least I’ve got a bottle of water, cell phone (so I can take quick garden photos) and pruners.  More often than not I’ve got garden tape, clips of some sort and a paper and pen as well.  Sure, I could keep a lot of those things in a tool box, but I want them on my person so I can just grab them and use them when the need presents itself.

So, how do I manage all this stuff?

Garden Aprons and Tool beltsI like to wear some kind of adjustable gardening apron or tool belt – something that isn’t binding or cumbersome.   This needs to have lots of pockets – at least one wide and deep enough for a bottle of water and one shorter so I don’t have to go digging around for my phone.  Then there are more pockets for gloves or my notepad – whatever I need to get your garden work done.  Some aprons also have clips which are really handy for holding scissors or other tools.   Garden aprons can be pretty and cute or strictly utilitarian in appearance.  As long as it does the job, I’m not too concerned with what it looks like.

I have several aprons/tool belts but I can’t say I ever bought one for myself.  No reason, really…I do think they’re brilliant and that every gardener would love to have at least one.  So go ahead and buy an apron for the holidays – your gardener will love you for it!

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Gardener’s Holiday Wish List – Garden Gloves

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Wondering what the perfect gift would be for the gardener in your life? 

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite things that I think every gardener would enjoy.  I’ll post one a day (eight nights of Hanukkah) and if  I get really inspired, I’ll add four more (twelve days of Christmas).  No matter how many great items I write about, giving some, if not all of them to your special someone, will make you a Holiday Hero!

If I’m not gardening or cooking, I’m needlepointing or working on someone’s stationery order.  I absolutely  love and enjoy doing all of these things, but each one of these activities is murder on my hands!  That’s especially true this time of year when household heat and drinking less water naturally make my hands look dry and old.

Gloves make a great gift for GardenersI try to wear gloves as often as I can…always when I wash dishes.   I wear medical exam gloves when I clean a chicken or clean and chop vegetables..    In the garden I find that different gloves work better for some chores than others,  so I have quite a collection.  In my opinion, every gardener needs to have several pairs of garden gloves so there’s always a pair available,  even when some are in the wash or temporarily misplaced.   My glove collection includes some to keep me safe from injury (the gauntlet style that I use when pruning roses) and some that allow for maximum dexterity (the MUD gloves that are cool, breathable and so comfortable I can wear them all day).  There are waterproof gloves and even ones with UV protection. I like to have several pair of cotton gloves on hand so I can throw them into the washer and dryer after getting them good and muddy.

Garden gloves range in price from beyond the budget to dirt cheap!  Want to do something a little bit more?? Add some nice hand cream or a certificate for a manicure – someone will be very happy.

Check back tomorrow for another great  gift idea for your favorite gardener.

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