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I have absolutely fallen in love with these little green things.  These innovative plant clips are perfect for gently holding tomato branches up to stakes or cages.  They are roomy enough to steady the central stem without cutting into the plant like some materials will.Ultimate Plant Clips

Ultimate Plant Clips snap together easily and attach to plants without any tying or twisting. One of the reasons that’s important is it’s hard to tie or twist with gloves on but attaching these really is a snap!  Removing them when they’re no longer needed is just as simple. The best part, though, is that they are reusable.  Use them from one season to the next so there’s less clean up and waste from your garden.

These wonderful little plant clips were designed by Global Garden Friends who you can easily find on Facebook.  In addition, they’ll soon be available for purchase here at Tomato Matters!

No matter where you buy your plant clips, you’ll want to be sure to order more than a few. Your favorite gardener will love using them all over the garden.

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