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In August I find my kitchen counters overflowing with tomatoes. I try to arrange them neatly on platters, trays and in baskets.  Inevitably, counter space becomes so minimal that there’s not even room to slice up one of my tasty garden gems.  This is when the canning supplies come out.  Every gardener that grows more than a few tomatoes needs to have this!

Supplies for canningCanning supplies can be purchased individually or in sets.  The sets are so worth it – you know the rack is the right size for the pot and that makes a huge difference!  You don’t need anything fancy, but you do need all of the items…the magnet, rack, pot and specially shaped canning tongs, jars and lids are all necessary to do the job properly and safely.  A good book about canning (there are many) is really helpful as the science here is an important factor.

Canning supplies are easy to find. Some grocery stores carry it all. I’ve seen sets at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Smart and Final and of course, all of the cookware and restaurant supply shops.  This is a great gift – you will enjoy the delicious results as much as the person receiving the gift!



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