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No matter how much I enjoy preparing the Thanksgiving Feast, I always get to a point when I become a little overwhelmed and I have to take a bit of a break.  The best place for me to reinvigorate and regroup is outside in the fresh air. Taking a stroll through the garden yesterday I just happened to find an unexpected tasty treat on one of my last tomato plants.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

 It’s not the most beautiful or as large as the fruit I picked earlier in the season, but I was still overjoyed to discover this Pink Berkeley Tie Dye peeking out at me. Elated, I ran into the house to show and share with the family.  That small tomato went a long way.  It was an unexpected gift from nature – a surprise that certainly brought a smile to my face. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye is a beautiful port wine colored beefsteak tomato with metallic green stripes.  It produces mid-early and has a very sweet, rich flavor. It’s available both as a conventional plant at various seedling sales in the Spring and as a graft from Garden Life.

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