While I have been growing tomatoes for years, with haphazard methods, it has produced haphazard results.  Your system sounds encouraging so I will try being more precise in my preparation, growth tending, and look for better harvest results.

Your presentation was very informative and you clearly have a passion for gardening.  I will stay tuned for additional insights into the ‘Family Ranch’ property’s capability of producing a bountiful harvest!  Thank you for the inspiration.  Richard B.

In all of my 6yrs of trying to get a tomato to give more then a handful of fruit this is BY Far the best start. I have 4 heirlooms in addition to the 1 you gave to Katherine and me. All look fabulous All healthy Today is the first watering day for me but It has been cool except for the last 2 days My soil is still pretty damp from my initial planting Should I still water today or wait a few more days? When I do my 15 sec on the base of each plant how many times do I give them the 15 secs?
I am so stoked to be seeing such great beginnings so quickly from following your direction Thank You Thank You I will give you updates as we progress
I planted a Serrano chili, a rainbow bell pepper, and a heritage Jalapino pepper My original 46 garlic are also doing very well
Take Care and thanks again fro renewing my faith in gardening. Greg W.

Hi Laura,

What a great class you had on Saturday!!!!!!

I loved all the information, and the food was delicious! Sherry M.

Hi Laura,

I had a great time at your class last weekend (at Let’s Get Cookin’).  I learned so much that I did not know, even though I’ve been growing tomatoes for years, I feel that now I should be able to grow some really great ones!  Pat T.

The calendar arrived.  My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures!
Thank you! Jennifer L.